Solar Panel Update

Pro: Yesterday, our solar panels were finally installed! Now we can start producing our own power.
Con: Berkeley Co-op decided to change their policy as it pertains to solar installers. They are now charging $1/day+$5/kWh of use, this comes out to $45-$100 per month. On top of  our loan payment for the solar panels.
Our installation will  need to be inspected by the county and the power utility before it can be officially hooked to our meter, but afterwards we can start charging our system.
As it sits, I don’t think we will be able to save much money until the loan is paid in 25 years. Although, when we pay our car off in around 2 years, that payment can go to the principle to pay it off faster. This is disappointing, I was looking forward to a extremely lower electric bill, but the electric companies are losing money when people decided to put solar on their house roofs.
I can’t wait for house batteries to be affordable for households, Tesla needs to hurry up. Then we can unhook from the power company!!

​9 Mar 17
Currently the County Inspector and the Blue Raven contractors are having a disagreement on who is right. The inspector came on Tuesday and fought with the contractors and its still going on. They both say that they are right so tomorrow they will both come again to hash it all out.

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