Garden Update


This weekend I finished raising bed 4 another level of cinderblocks and adding dirt to fill it. Afterwards, I planted a variety of corn types. When it gets 18 in high, I will plant beans and squash to make a three sisters garden.
Saturday, I planted 5 avocado pits and transplanted 3 sprouted pits into pots. I wasn’t having much luck sprouting them in water under a grow light or in a window.
Sunday, I pulled up part of my Betony cover crop to transplant 6 Bonnies Best Cabbage in raised bed 6. I pulled up the radish that wasn’t doing well and didn’t taste good, they were very tough. I also spread around a variety of flower seeds to attract pollinators and deter/repel pests.
Gradually over the next week or so, I’ll plant all the seeds that we picked to start growing this year.

Until weebly fixes the editing problem with their website, my blogs will be mostly text as I’m currently using the app on my phone to type them instead of my computer.

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