Shrew (12 RP)

Small Humanoid (animalfolk)

Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom. Shrews are extremely quick, agile and hardy, but not wise. (0 RP)
  • Type: Shrews are humanoids with the animalfolk subtype. (0 RP)
    • Lowlight Vision: Shrews can see twice as far as a race with normal vision in conditions of dim light. (1 RP)
  • Small: As small creatures, shrews gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a +4 size bonus onStealth (0 RP)
  • Fast Speed: Shrews have a fast base speed is 40 feet. Because of their quadrupedal inclinations. (2 RP)
    • Partial Quadruped:While holding nothing in their paws, shrews can drop to all fours as a free action to increase their base speed to 40 ft. Shrews can stand on two legs again as a free action during normal movement. (0 RP)
  • Keen Senses: Shrews gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks. (2 RP)
  • Paranoid: Shrews believe that someone or something is always out to get them, so they have a hard time truly trusting anyone. Although, once their trust is earned it is absolute. Anyone (untrusted) who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist them must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check. (2 RP)
    • Reactionary: Shrews are often bullied as children, so have never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, they became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. They gain a +2 trait bonus on initiative checks. (2 RP)
    • Reckless: Shrews have a tendency for rash behavior, often disregarding their own safety as they move across the battlefield. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Acrobaticschecks, and Acrobatics is always a class skill for them. (2 RP)
  • Languages: Shriven and Common. Bonus: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling and Sylvan. (0 RP)

Alternate Racial Traits

  • Cornered Fury: Shrews can fight viciously when cut off from friends and allies. Whenever a shrew with this racial trait is reduced to half or fewer of his hit points, and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, he gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class. This racial trait replaces keen senses.
  • Swarming: Shrews are used to living and fighting communally, and are adept at swarming foes for their own gain and their foes’ detriment. Up to two shrews can share the same square at the same time. If two shrews in the same square attack the same foe, they are considered to be flanking that foe as if they were in two opposite squares. Replaces fast speed (reduced to normal speed of 30 ft).

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Shrew are often likened to the Gnome race for their demeanor and curiosity. This is true as they are descended from mutated gnome stock.


Figure of the Week: Human Ranger

This is a male human ranger. He has is wearing leather armor and a cloak, file 29wielding a broken sword (I left it broken after the game that it broke during) with a coiled rope on his belt. I couldn’t find the maker, not Reaper because I searched their page.












Book Review

I recently received a book that I forgot I had bought on The title is: Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness. I haven’t finished looking at this book yet, but so far there are some very useful recipes inside. I will try many of them soon.


Excerpt from the book.

“This is the ultimate guide for a naturally clean home and healthy body.

Transform you house into a toxin-free home with this valuable and practical guide. Halle Cottis goes beyond using vinegar and baking soda and provides powerful recipes to clean your entire house from the inside out. with ingredients such as salt, rubbing alcohol and castile soap, you can create indoor cleaners like the All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, Powder and Liquid Laundry Detergent and Streak-Free Window Cleaner; and outdoor solutions, like Natural Garden Pesticide, Heavy-Duty Grill Cleaner and Screen Cleaner.

Halle uses natural ingredients to treat both common and difficult-to-treat physical and mental problems. She teaches you how to reduce the amount of harsh, toxic cleaners and medicines in your home. So you can rest easier knowing you’re saving both time and money with this wide range of 140 natural solutions.”


Ferret [also weasel, mink, or stoat] (12 RP)

Medium Humanoid (animalfolk)

Racial Traits

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom (0 RP)
  • Humanoid: Ferrets are humanoids with the animalfolk subtype. (0 RP)
    • Darkvision: Ferrets have darkvision up to 60 ft. (2 RP)Redwall__Ferahgo_by_cybercatmia18089e6a4ee5cfc51469de863afcea47
  • Medium Size: Ferrets have no bonuses or negatives due to their size. (0 RP)
  • Standard Speed: Ferrets have a base speed of 30 feet. (0 RP)
  • Keen Senses: Ferrets gain a +2 racial bonus on all Perception skill checks. (2 RP)
  • Tunnel Rat: Ferrets gain a +4 racial bonus to Perception and Stealth while underground and are treated as one size smaller than normal for the purpose of squeezing through tunnels. (3 RP)
  • Plagueborn: Ferrets gain a +2 vs disease, poisons, sickened and nauseated conditions. (1 RP)
  • Special Ability (choose 1): (4 RP)
    • Sneaky: Ferrets gain a +4 racial bonus on all Stealth skill checks.
    • Scavenger: Ferrets gain a +2 racial bonus on all Appraise and Perception skill checks when searching for food and other items.
    • Silver Tongued: Ferrets gain a +2 racial bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks.
  • Cornered Fury: Whenever a ferret is reduced to half its hit points or fewer and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.
  • Languages: Ferrin and Common. Bonus: Atlantean, Badgen, Dwarf, Goblin, and Halfling.(0 RP)


Alternate Racial Traits

  • Defensive Training, lesser: Ferrets gain favored enemy (humanoid of choice) and +4 dodge bonus to AC against them. Replaces darkvision but gains lowlight vision.
  • Silent Hunter: Ferrets race reduce the penalty for usingStealth while moving by 5 and can make Stealth checks while running at a –20 penalty (this number includes the penalty reduction from this trait). Replaces keen senses.
  • Urbanite: Ferrets gain a +2 racial bonus onDiplomacy checks made to gather information and Sense Motive checks made to get a hunch about a social situation. Replaces Plagueborn.


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Figure of the Week: Dwarf Berserker

This weeks figure is a Reaper male, Dwarf Berserker. He is wearing hide pelts, leggings, a belt, is barefoot; is wielding a battle-axe and shortsword. A nice and simple figure tofile 27 paint. I need to find more for a squad.











Garden Update

We’ve been busy this weekend improving the garden. We went to Bees Ferry and picked up a few loads of compost, to Home Depot for cypress wood mulch, and to various businesses for cardboard.

We laid some landscape timbers around the dwarf fruit trees, set down the cardboard and put the mulch on top. That way it suppresses the grass and weeds and holds moisture in. Gradually, I’ll be planting companion plants around the trees. Like: comfrey, various herbs and flowers that will help the trees and attract pollinators.

I’ve also started more seeds and transplanted others that have gotten too big for the seed starters. Some of the seeds are old (or I’m unsure of the quality), so it hit or miss if they’ll germinate.

Starts: borage, comfrey, broadleaf dock, summer savory, basil dill, beefsteak tomato, yarrow, and bush snap beans.

Transplants: squash (going crazy), moringa, dill, comfrey, marigold.

I am starting a three sisters bed (Native American garden trio). I’m currently waiting for the corn to get 18 inches tall, so I can plant the above beans and then when they start growing up the corn, the squash will be planted. The corn seem to be growing in spurts, some fast, others slow and some none at all, so I’m planting other corn in the place of the ones that don’t want to grow. Here is a link to an article about the three sisters.

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Nematon  (28 RP)

Small Construct (awakened, construct, Earth, outsider)

Racial Traits

  • +2 to any 2 ability scores of choice (except Constitution). (2 RP)
  • Construct: Nematons are rocks from the Plane of Earth with the awakened and construct subtype. (20 RP)
    • Lowlight Vision: Nematons have lowlight vision (0 RP)
    • Darkvision: Nematons  have darkvision up to 60 ft. (0 RP)
  • Small: Nematons gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks. (0 RP)
  • Slow Speed: Nematons use rolling for movement, at a base speed of 20 ft. (-1 RP)
    • Limbless: Nematons have no limbs. (-2 RP)
    • Telekinesis: Nematons gain the Telekinesis as spell, at will. (3 RP)
  • Special Ability (choose 1): (4 RP)
    • Rock Caller: Nematons are able to call otherwise stationary rocks to do their bidding. These rocks can be 2 sizes smaller or 1 size larger than themselves. This ability lasts for 1 round/level.
    • Ferrous Growth: Nematons can cause a touched piece of iron or steel to grow into an object weighing up to 10 pounds, such as a sword, crowbar, or light steel shield. This object remains in this form for 10 minutes or until broken or destroyed, at which point it shrinks back to its original size and shape.
    • Treacherous Earth: Nematons gain the following supernatural ability: Once per day, a member of this race can will the earth to rumble and shift, transforming a 10-foot-radius patch of earth, unworked stone, or sand into an area of difficult terrain centered on a square it can touch. This lasts for a number of minutes equal to the user’s level, after which the ground returns to normal.
    • Relentless: Nematons gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to bull rush or overrun an opponent. This bonus only applies while both the member of this race and its opponent are in touch with the ground.
    • Stoneseer: Nematons gain a +1 to the caster level for any spells with the earth descriptor they cast. They also gain the following spell-like abilities: constant—non-detection; 1/day—magic stonestone shapestone tell. The caster level for these spell-like abilities is equal to the user’s character level.
  • Stone Cunning: Nematons  gain stone cunning as Dwarf. (1 RP)
  • Terrain Stride: Nematons gain the ability to ignore difficult terrain if it is composed of mostly earth or stone. (1 RP)
  • Language: Terran and Common. Bonus: Atlantean, Draconic, Dwarf, Elven and Gnome. (0 RP)

Alternate Racial Traits

  • Crystalline Form: Nematons gain the ability to change their physical structure to reflect energy from their surface. +2 AC vs rays and anything with the light/energy description, 1/day with a 1 round duration. Replaces a special ability.
  • Ioun Hoarder: Nematons have a compulsion to acquire Ioun stones whenever they happen upon them.  Replaces telekinesis.
  • Rock Thrower, lesser: Nematons are able to gather small rocks to them and throw them. Treat this ability as the magic stone spell. Replaces a special ability.
  • Stonesinger: Nematons gain the ability to meld normal rocks into any shape they desire just by singing to them. The quality depends on their Craft (stone) ranks. Replaces a special ability.
  • Earth Glide (Ex) When nematons burrow, it can pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, it can even glide through lava. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or other sign of its presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing the burrowing creature flings it back 30 feet, stunning it for 1 round unless it succeeds on a DC 15 Fortitude save. This ability gives them a burrow movement of 30 ft. Replaces terrain stride.
  • Extrude Limbs: Nematons gain the ability to create legs, arms or both from themselves or the rock around them. To give them increased mobility. Replaces limbless.

No one knows where these rocks came from or how they were created. The majority live on the continent of Teranik, but they can be found throughout Aquatica and on the Plane of Earth.