Garden Update

Spring is here and there lots of things to do to get things ready for a productive garden. Yesterday, I did a lot of work in the garden:

  • Started seeds in mini greenhouses under grow lights
    • Various Squash
    • Dwarf Moringa
    • Dill
    • Litchi tomato
    • I’ll readied others to plant more seeds this week
  • cleaned out and rearranged the greenhouse
  • drilled and put more worm pipes each raised bed (3 this time)
  • started cleaning the yard up

This was a lot of work and now I’m tired, I’ll try to do more this week, but since I’ve been on overtime these past two months and only have Sunday off—I haven’t had much free time. Time to go shopping for more supplies and then to eat lunch.

We came back and decided to buy our dirt from the local compost facility at Bee’s Ferry Landfill (yard debris is composted there), it’s cheaper especially in bulk amounts. But we will have to buy the cinderblocks from Home Depot to outline the raised beds.


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