Garden Update

Saturday morning we went to Plantasia at Old Towne Creek County Park. The Horticulture Guild was sponsoring the event. I bought 8 plants: a Loquat tree (Japanese plum), elderberry bush, hardy kiwi vine (self-pollinating), sunflower (swamp daisy), 3 tomato plants (various types), Daylilly and an Artemesia (I’ll have to look up its name tomorrow).

After Plantasia, we ate breakfast and headed home. We dropped the plants off, went to the library to get the map and list of all the Yard Sales in Sangaree there were over 30. I did get a few useful items, but most things were knickknacks, clothes and items that we didn’t need.

Yesterday, I planted to tomatoes as they needed the attention. I’ll plant the others in a few days when I ready the beds for them. I’ve been doing lots of seed starting and transplanting to get my garden ready for this year. Some things have worked and other haven’t. I’m constantly learning and have little free time because I have a full time jobs that keeps me quite busy.

I’ll post pictures later today or tomorrow of my progress in the greenhouse and garden.

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