Garden Update

We’ve been busy this weekend improving the garden. We went to Bees Ferry and picked up a few loads of compost, to Home Depot for cypress wood mulch, and to various businesses for cardboard.

We laid some landscape timbers around the dwarf fruit trees, set down the cardboard and put the mulch on top. That way it suppresses the grass and weeds and holds moisture in. Gradually, I’ll be planting companion plants around the trees. Like: comfrey, various herbs and flowers that will help the trees and attract pollinators.

I’ve also started more seeds and transplanted others that have gotten too big for the seed starters. Some of the seeds are old (or I’m unsure of the quality), so it hit or miss if they’ll germinate.

Starts: borage, comfrey, broadleaf dock, summer savory, basil dill, beefsteak tomato, yarrow, and bush snap beans.

Transplants: squash (going crazy), moringa, dill, comfrey, marigold.

I am starting a three sisters bed (Native American garden trio). I’m currently waiting for the corn to get 18 inches tall, so I can plant the above beans and then when they start growing up the corn, the squash will be planted. The corn seem to be growing in spurts, some fast, others slow and some none at all, so I’m planting other corn in the place of the ones that don’t want to grow. Here is a link to an article about the three sisters.

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