Garden Update & Spring Plant Swap

Saturday was the Park Circle Plant Swap here in Charleston, SC. There were a lot of people and plants this time. This spring I was able to bring back: 2 Mexican root bear trees, marigold, pineapple sage, 4 various tomatoes, 2 dill, 2 basil, Cuban oregano, unknown squash, banana, 5 wood sorrel, and a few others.

We stopped by Tractor Supply, I bought tomato and 2 cucumber plants from the Future Farmers of America student stand outside. We went inside and I bought a tomato bag and purple potatoes. I will plant my new purple potatoes in it tomorrow. We also went into Dollar General and bought some mushroom decorations for the garden.

On Sunday I dug up my herb bed, put the plants in pots, laid it out in a new part of the yard and planted most of the above plants in it. I will plant more this week, in Raised Bed 7, scattered throughout the other 6 bed and pots. I planted the purple potatoes in the bag, we’ll see how fast these ones develop and how they taste.

At Northern Tool I bought 2 firewood stands to get the wood off the ground. Then we went to the At Home store I bought a large cement knight chess piece and wind chimes for lawn art.

I post pictures up tomorrow.

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