Headache Remedy

I’m doing a lesson in my DIY Herbal Apothecary class. Today is about Headache Remedies.


Here’s a quick win for headache relief.

You’ll need a 10 ml roller ball bottle.


6 drops of peppermint essential oil

6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

4 drops of rosemary essential oil

3 drops of lavender essential oil

Olive oil to fill the container


Place the drops of essential oil into the roller ball bottle. Fill with olive oil to the shoulders of the bottle. Place the roller ball in the neck of the bottle. Cap tightly. Shake the bottle gently to distribute the essential oil.

Note: If you are sensitive to lavender, sweet marjoram essential oil can be used in place of the lavender essential oil for the same effect.

To use:

Apply the roller ball applicator to the temples to relieve headache fast.


For more follow this link.  I like this class although some of the recipes I’ll have to do later when I have the time and money.

I consider this a needed preparedness skill. Herbal Remedies can be used any time


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