Pookas Ramblings: Druidry

Today I was listening to a podcast called DruidCast. Episode 128 , discussed the Druidic faith, how similar they are to the Indian Vedic faith, Sanskrit and Celtoi history.

Here are some links that discuss Druidism, Celtic religion, Shamanism, etc:

One of the interesting topics discussed on this podcast is how Ireland’s and India’s language share a common history. Sanskrit and Irish share many words.

The Celtic-Vedic Connection

India and Wales, Sanskrit and Welsh, Indo-European and Celtic Studies

This has renewed my interest in Druidic studies, I am looking forward to conducting more research on this subject.

Here is a poem that this article brought to mind.

The universe is not dead.

Therefore, there is an Intelligence there, and it is all pervading.

At least one purpose, possibly the major purpose,

Of that Intelligence is the achievement of universal harmony.

Striving in the right direction

For Peace (Harmony), therefore, as well

As the achievement of it, is the

Result of accord with that Intelligence.

It is desirable to effect that accord.

The human race, then, is not

Alone in the universe.

Though I am cut off from

Human beings, I am not alone.

For untold ages, man has felt

An awareness of that Intelligence.

Belief in it is the one point

Where all religions agree. It has

Been called by many names.

Many call it God.












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