Book Score

I recently bought some camp cooking books on The titles are:

Camp Cooking: 100 years (The National Museum of Forest Service History)– this book does not have period recipes, they are all updated. A bit disappointing.

The Well-Fed Backpacker (June Fleming)–interesting book, doesn’t have a lot of recipes, but it tells you how to build your meals, keep them simple and keep up your energy.

The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook (Christine & Tim Conners)–lot’s of recipes, but many are variations of the same one, the are all for large groups though. I was hoping for some smaller portions.

Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’ (Tim and Christine Conners)–lots of recipes that I’m going to try.


From the reviews these are some good books. I’ve only scanned a few pages from each so far. I can’t wait to dig in on my next camping trip.

So far, my only problem is that the 1st book calls for present day food the not fresh food that would have been used 100 years ago. Many of these recipes aren’t things that I would eat, the servings are too large, or it calls for too many ingredients for a backpacking trip.

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