Holiday Downtime

I’ve been on a hiatus here for a while. I was working so much overtime and was just exhausted when I came home and then I entered the Word Ember 2018 writing contest: 10,000 words, 31 Days, $1000+ in Prizes! Fri Nov 30th – Tue Jan 1st. This is helping me flesh out my world, its timeline, races, creatures and characters. Here is a link to my homebrew world of Aquatica and the articles that I’ve written: Aquatica Homebrew.

The minimum words to enter the contest was 10,000, I’ve written a little more than that and still have until 31 Dec 2018 to complete my entry. Some people are blasting me away, but I’m just a beginner at this, also with coding. Most of what I’m writing is not written down, just in my head and I need to research some of it to have it make more sense.

I will gradually be updating my races and creatures here with this information, but of course much of this are still works in progress.

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