Cypress Gardens Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting

Cypress Gardens is opened again after almost three years. It was severely damaged from the flood in 2015, all of the buildings had 1-4 inches of water. Cleaning up the damage to the swamp, many of the buildings and trails took a lot of work. Some of the work was performed by county inmates under direction of the Sheriff’s officers.

They made new trails, replanted many of the gardens, moved the alligators to the turtle pond, added many fences to the same, remodeled the reptile house, as well as many new benches, bridges, shelters, playground, parking lot, canoe dock and gazebos.

While all this work was being done, they found the old family house and cemetery which they had one of the new trails lead to. They added many bee hives (top bar) and a roundabout at the entrance was even added.

There were 6 or so Representatives, multiple county government officials and police at the ceremony. They counted 3000 or so people entering the park, I didn’t see that many at the ribbon cutting, but there were many more on the trails. There were even some out of towners visiting. We were also told that until 30 Jun the inhabitants of Berkeley County will be able to enter the park for free. Which means that I can visit a few more times in between July.

Overall, I like everything that has been done to re-open the park. They gardens will take many months or years to re-establish themselves, but it’s a start. I do miss the turtle pond, where we were able to feed them, now it’s enclosed in a double row of fences. Even the bridge has rows of ¼ inch cable barring the space.

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Most of these pics are old ones before the damage happened. Sadly the ruins from the Patriot were destroyed and others were damage or remodeled. The female duck died, so only the male survives. The butterfly sculpture has been moved to the other side of the door, etc.

The new pics below, show ones that I took and some from professionals that were at the ribbon cutting. A few are from my nature walk on the perimeter trail, the Kittredge gravesite, beehives, bat house, a young rat snake, skink, millipede, bottle tree, gazebo, butterfly cocoons, etc.

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