Book Review: The Elderberry Book

I just received this book in the mail, it was a recent purchase that I waiting to arrive. It talks about how to forage, cultivate, prepare and preserve elderberries. It is by New City Publishers,  Homegrown City Life and by John Moody.

This is a very comprehensive book about Elderberry. Its various uses as food, medicine, musical instruments, drink, and even tools.

“Spanning history and geography, The Elderberry Book takes you on an adventure, deepening your appreciation of a plant that has played a crucial role across the world for thousands of years. Through this fun, inspirational, and educational resource. Discover:

  • Elderberry’s amazing history
  • Cultivation and foraging, from the balcony to the backyard
  • Various traditional food and medicine preparations
  • Simple wine-making techniques
  • Traditional crafts and tools”

–excerpt from The Elderberry Book

I can’t wait for mine to grow and thrive to be able to harvest a healthy crop, so I can try some of these ideas for myself. Of course, I could buy them from someone else, but it’s more rewarding if you grew it yourself.

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