Last night, we watched the Avengers and Aquaman. I didn’t really care for Avengers much, but I loved most of Aquaman. The acting and some of the story could have been better, but the scenery and technology of Atlantis were awesome. I loved the different races, animals, and plantlife portrayed there.

The Karathan was an awesome portrayal of a Kaiju and a mythological Kraken, it appeared to be a mash-up of multiple creatures.

“Kaiju means “strange beast” in Japanese and it is a film genre that features giant monsters, such as Godzilla. The Kaiju often take the role of an ultra-powerful being that represents an otherworldly force of nature. Many believe that the film’s creators also took inspiration from the sea creature’s Topo and the Karaqan, which are gigantic Kraken-like leviathans that are highly intelligent and originated in DC Comics.”

Karathan youtube video clip

What I didn’t know until I watched this movie is that many of the races that I placed in the ocean around my Atlantean continent are actually Atlantean kingdoms in the movie.

I have Atlantean, Atlan (halfbreeds), merfolk, Sahuagin (monster, NPC), aquatic elves, Krestean (crabfolk), marindaga, and many more.

I plan to incorporate some of these details and others as I research them to flesh out my homebrew world of Aquatica.

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