NaNoWriMo Challenge

I found this new website called NaNoWriMo, it is where writers challenge themselves and each other to write new content for the books they are writing. This month’s challenge is 50,000 words in November.

I’m currently at 12,292  / 50,000 words. According to the bot I won’t be finished until Dec 31 st. We’ll see, since I work full time, I can only write during break, lunch or when I get home. Instead of writing a novel, I’m writing excerpts about my sections for my homebrew world Aquatica.

I’ve been using writing prompts for ideas as well as what pops into my head as I’m writing. Here is a sample:

“15 November 2019

Firestones       337

Ravin was sent on a quest to find more firestones, to keep the fires going in the village of Erlon. These fire stones are a combination of coal and phosphorus, calcite, fluorite, barium sulfide, etc. In the air the phosphorus heats up and activates the coal; the other components cause it to glow.

While he was exploring some sea caves along the coast. Near the back of the cave, he found a pool with glowing rocks at the bottom. He dove in to investigate, to see if they were the stones he was looking for. He noticed that they glowed blue in the water, but when they were brought to the surface and into the air, they turned an angry red and caught on fire. He quickly doused them, and again they turned a serene blue.

Since they needed to be in the water, he fashioned a container from his canteen to keep it submerged. Then carried it home to cheers of welcome. A work crew was organized to help him bring enough stones back to the village. When he returned with the others, it was discovered that the cave had numerous firestones. Enough to keep the village supplied for decades to come.

As they traveled farther back in the cave, they discovered a tunnel that led deeper into the headland. Along the way, they ran into a young Mer gathering stones as well. She struck up a conversation, saying that they used them for light. Who were they and where did they come from? She led them back to the village to talk to the elders.

The elders decided that they needed to pay for the gathering of more stones than they could personally carry. So, a treaty was forged between the two villages. Every 10 years a few young men just into adolescence could come to gather stones in the pool if they brought a bucketful of still-living fish and dropped them into the pool for each handful of stones they collected.”


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