Writing Prompt: Lilies of the Valley

Sara is feytouched, because of this she is gifted with plant-speech. She can talk to plants that have been feytouched themselves, grew near feywild areas, are from the Feywild, or have been awoken by the Fae.

She took a position as a housekeeper with the MacDoran family. Because of her way with plants, she was tasked with tending to the more delicate/special ones.

One day as she was watering the Sylvan Lily of the Valley in the entryway, it started to warn her of a dark family secret.

Lilias (the Lilly) like uprooting herself at night and walking the halls. One night she witnessed Earl MacDoran working in his study, then enter his laboratory where he kept small fae, animals, plants, and insects. He performed horrible experiments on them in his crossbreeding attempts.

Of course, Sara went to the Fae embassy when she found out. She was told that to take it to court, more proof is needed. She was given an arcane eye to record the deed. This is a spider-like creature with a large eye (often used for spying).


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