Figure of the Day: Handmaiden of Keskuru


​Today’s Figure of the Week is a humanoid fox figure that can portray either a kitsune or some other dog-like anthropomorphic race.  This is a female figure with sparse clothing and no shoes, she is

crouched down with her tail wrapped around her lower leg.  While she is wielding either a long knife or a Shortsword, she’s wearing no armor or shoes.  Because she is shaped like a fox I colored her the same way.
After some research, I found out that she is a reaper miniature called the Handmaiden of Keskuru (were- fox form).  Item 14591 by Patrick Keith.
This figure can be used with any game that uses a werefox, kitsune, Lupin race or any type of similar creatures.

Figure of the Week: Lord Soth


This is a vintage Ral Partha figure of Lord Soth from the Ravenloft campaign setting. He is wearing full plate mail with a plumed helm and cloak.

I painted him with traditional coloring, I tarnished him some to look battle-damaged and my husband flocked his base. When I find his mounted rider figure I will add it here.

Figure of the Week: Hoplite Warrior

This weeks figure is a fighter in hoplite style armor. It is human male wearing a breastplate over a chain shirt, feathered Corinthian helm, brigantine-like kilt, short sword, shield and wielding a short spear. It is an interesting figure, although not from a specific time period as the components don’t go together.

Not sure of the maker, I’m still researching the figure.

Figure of the Week: Turtle-Men

Today’s Figure is a pair of turtle-men. They are humanoid alligator snapping turtles wearing partial platemail (tasset, vambrace, neck and tail armor), wielding spiked clubs.

They were fun to paint. I really like anthropomorphic races. More research is needed to discover the manufacturing company.

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Figure of the Week: Dwarf Dragon Gunner

Today’s figure is a Dwarven dragon gunner. He is a male dwarf, wearing a tabard, chain shirt and greaves, wielding a dragon-head blunderbuss.

This figure was fun to pain. I have two of these figures in slightly different poses. I wish I could remember the company, but will have to research it more.