Figure of the Week: Turtle-Men

Today’s Figure is a pair of turtle-men. They are humanoid alligator snapping turtles wearing partial platemail (tasset, vambrace, neck and tail armor), wielding spiked clubs.

They were fun to paint. I really like anthropomorphic races. More research is needed to discover the manufacturing company.

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Calendula Infused Oil


I found this great video on how to make your own calendula infused oil from dried flowers. Below is a video link and a free eBook that I found on this website: 

​Other DIY videos are here as well, so have fun.

Figure of the Week: Dwarf Dragon Gunner

Today’s figure is a Dwarven dragon gunner. He is a male dwarf, wearing a tabard, chain shirt and greaves, wielding a dragon-head blunderbuss.

This figure was fun to pain. I have two of these figures in slightly different poses. I wish I could remember the company, but will have to research it more.


Figure of the Week: Elladon of Silveroak


This is the Reaper: Dark Heaven Legends figure, Elladan of Silveroak. It is a male elf, wearing a cloak, surcoat, and chain mail; wielding a small shield and longsword.

​I was in the mood for blues and whites the day I painted this. Here is the link to the figure: Elladan

Figure of the Week: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer


This week I’m focusing on: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer is a human female, wearing a chain shirt, breastplate, small helm and grieves; wielding a sword and shield. Flocked.

​It took me quite a while to find the correct information on this figure, I finally had to resort to the Reaper Forum: miniature finder. A person there was able to tell me that she is a figure from Iron Wind Metals.

Figure of the Week: Female Fighter

This is a female fighter wielding a two handed sword, wearing half-plate and chain mail with a dagger and boots. This is another obscure figure that I’ll have to research.

This blog will be moving to Mondays to sync with #miniaturemonday on Twitter.


Figure of the Week: Eando Kline, Wanderer (Updated)


This is one of my favorite figures. It is a male human, ranger, rogue, or wanderer. Wearing brigantine, with hide pauldrons (shoulders), a variety of pouches, vest, gloves and high boots.
Sorry, this post is late, it was lost to the Ether. I scheduled it for Wednesday, but instead  of posting, it disappeared.

[I researched him, found out that he is a Reaper figure named is Eando Kline.]