MACE Convention Weekend

Last weekend we went to the MACE convention in Charlotte, NC. We left a day early, so we didn’t have to rush this year. This year we stayed on the 12th floor of the Hilton/Marriott.

On Friday, I played was a 1920s pulp fiction Savage Worlds game.

Saturday, I ran the Wildcraft! board game 3 times for people. It was fun and helped me learn the rules better. No one wanted to run Havoc and Hyjinks though.


Instead of playing the two games that I was scheduled for, I went to the vendor room to sell some of our d20 candles. I was able to sell 2 today. We went to Love Sushi for dinner, it was delicious, although the steak one was a bit too spicy.

I went to a Sculpey class today, there were a few other adults, the rest were children. We all had a fun time. We made a happy and sad goblin? face, I also made a skull bead and die. After we left, the teachers sun baked them in a toaster oven in the back for us to pick up tomorrow. Below are some of the teachers finished projects, as well as our candles.

Sunday, after breakfast, I set up our vendor table again and sold 6 more d20 candles throughout the day. In between customers, I rolled up a few monsters. The NFL Dolphins team showed up and started taking over some of the rooms that we were using. They even blocked off the elevators.

We stayed late so I could go to a D&D Adventure League 5e Tortle game, but they had started early and were in the middle of the game.

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New Craft: Candles

We decided to start making candles, after my husband found a d20 mold on eBay. They burn for over 10 hours, probably closer to 20. Once I work out the kinks, I will be selling them on my Etsy store.

Below are pics of the 1st-3rd castings, eventually we will buy more mold types, wax colors and scents. On my Etsy store there will also be optional treasure dice (a treasure inside) of various types: metal or plastic dice, metal figures and coins.



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Figure of the Week: Spikeshell Warrior

Today’s Figure is a pair of Reaper spikeshell warriors. They are humanoid alligator snapping turtles wearing partial platemail (tasset, vambrace, neck and tail armor), wielding spiked clubs.

They were fun to paint. I really like anthropomorphic races.

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Calendula Infused Oil


I found this great video on how to make your own calendula infused oil from dried flowers. Below is a video link and a free eBook that I found on this website: 

​Other DIY videos are here as well, so have fun.

Figure of the Week: Dwarf Dragon Gunner

Today’s figure is a Dwarven dragon gunner. He is a male dwarf, wearing a tabard, chain shirt and greaves, wielding a dragon-head blunderbuss.

This figure was fun to pain. I have two of these figures in slightly different poses. I wish I could remember the company, but will have to research it more.


Figure of the Week: Elladon of Silveroak


This is the Reaper: Dark Heaven Legends figure, Elladan of Silveroak. It is a male elf, wearing a cloak, surcoat, and chain mail; wielding a small shield and longsword.

​I was in the mood for blues and whites the day I painted this. Here is the link to the figure: Elladan

Figure of the Week: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer


This week I’m focusing on: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer is a human female, wearing a chain shirt, breastplate, small helm and grieves; wielding a sword and shield. Flocked.

​It took me quite a while to find the correct information on this figure, I finally had to resort to the Reaper Forum: miniature finder. A person there was able to tell me that she is a figure from Iron Wind Metals.