New Year 2017


Happy New Year!! A little late this morning, but got sidetracked by household chores. There are many things I want to get done this year (or at least a start on). Some of the main ones are:

  • improving my garden/edible food forest
  • building an entertainment/grilling area
  • constructing a personal retreat building
  • improving out preparedness in all areas
  • better organizing the house
  • improving physical fitness

This is quite a few things to work on, but I can make plans or at least start on these projects. Below are a few files that will help me this year.




preparedness baby stepsweeklypurchasingplan_origPreppers-University-January-To-Do (will download when you click link)









Calendula Infused Oil


I found this great video on how to make your own calendula infused oil from dried flowers. Below is a video link and a free eBook that I found on this website: 

​Other DIY videos are here as well, so have fun.

Habits and Principles of Preparedness

Today’s subject is preparedness. How to build the habit and guidelines on how to become more prepared. While surfing the internet I found the articles below:

The Habit of Preparedness



10 Principles of Preparedness


List of Important Documents


I’m not an expert on these subjects in any way, I’m just learning as I go.


This is what my husband called it when I had some woodchips delivered to my house. The service was done by an Arborists that are part of Chipdrop service. It saves them time and money and I get woodchips for free.

I received 12 cu yd on Friday May 26th, and am still moving them from the driveway to their needed locations. One of our neighbors even bought a dump cart so he could get some. My fruit trees and garden bed are loving the mulch. It will definitely help hold in moisture between waterings.



Basket Weaving Class

Saturday, I went to the Moncks Corner Library to a class taught by a lady from the Wassamasaw tribe. She was a good teacher, there was a mixture of students both adults and children. We made what she called a hearth basket.

We had a good time making them. Although some of us didn’t get to finish our baskets because more people showed up than expected so there was not enough material.

Book Review

I recently received a book that I forgot I had bought on The title is: Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness. I haven’t finished looking at this book yet, but so far there are some very useful recipes inside. I will try many of them soon.


Excerpt from the book.

“This is the ultimate guide for a naturally clean home and healthy body.

Transform you house into a toxin-free home with this valuable and practical guide. Halle Cottis goes beyond using vinegar and baking soda and provides powerful recipes to clean your entire house from the inside out. with ingredients such as salt, rubbing alcohol and castile soap, you can create indoor cleaners like the All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, Powder and Liquid Laundry Detergent and Streak-Free Window Cleaner; and outdoor solutions, like Natural Garden Pesticide, Heavy-Duty Grill Cleaner and Screen Cleaner.

Halle uses natural ingredients to treat both common and difficult-to-treat physical and mental problems. She teaches you how to reduce the amount of harsh, toxic cleaners and medicines in your home. So you can rest easier knowing you’re saving both time and money with this wide range of 140 natural solutions.”