Parker Family History

Today I’m writing about some family members that I’m researching. I’m searching through the hints that gives me , to decide if they are good.

Their names are: William Henry Harrison Parker (3rd great grandfather) and William Sylvester Parker (2nd great grandfather) father and son.

Sometimes researching is long and tedious. Especially when you have to pay for the memberships on websites or to groups and they don’t necessarily have the information that you need.


Irma cleanup

We are cleaning up from Irma still. Not much damage but lots of water. Some people weren’t so lucky though, even some deaths.

Downtown Charleston and most coastal areas had a lot of flooding. The battery was under waste deep water. Peoples roof collapsed. Areas were unreachable causing people to be stranded. Many trees were uprooted because of waterlogged soil.

I’m just glad we’re in SC and not Florida, they took the brunt of it after it hit the continental US. Of course, the Caribbean took the worse.

Work was out of power yesterday, and cleanup today. I’ll update if anything changes.

Next time we need to get a stronger tarp to wrap the greenhouse and tie it down better. We need to buy a generator, and some hand radios. Besides that we’re mostly good.

Hurricane Irma

Sorry no time for blogging, preparing for a hurricane. Looking at the track, it shouldn’t be so bad but it all depends what happens in the next two days.

We’ve done a lot in the last two days. Today we wrapped the greenhouse in a tarp and tied it down. Tomorrow we move the potted plants to the leeward side between the greenhouse and the hedge. Everything else in the yard will be strapped down to pallets or something heavy.

Updating Shady Dragon Inn

I am working on converting the NPCs in the Shady Dragon Inn to Pathfinder. Currently the best program for me to use so far is the RPG Scribe from the Apple store.

So far I’ve finished the first 6 fighters: Abel Artone, Ariadne Beornsdottir, Boris Bonesnapper, Charles the Bold, Donal of Clear Water and Eric the Honest.

While searching for a completed conversion that might be out on the message boards. I found a partial one on dicefreaks on tapatalk by Kain Darkwind.  He converted: Sister Sanchia, Nadia Svensdottir, Selina of Black Coast, Sara of the Slight Touch, Tomas Tam, Zacharias the Nimble, Penelope of West Haven and Orlando the Bearkiller.

I’m having to add info of course but am trying to keep as close to the original characters as possible; while still updating them to Pathfinder.

I will be using them for NPCs and as drop-in characters for the MACE Roleplaying Convention in Charlotte, NC.

If anyone wants one or a few of my conversions when I’m done, put the NPCs name/number in the comments.


Yuan-ti     (15 RP)

Medium monstrous humanoid (monstrous humanoid, reptilian

Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Yuan-ti are much more flexible and hardy than other races, but due to their appearance and their serpent nature they don’t seem to make a lot of friends amongst the humanoids (0 RP)
  • Medium: Yuan-ti are considered medium creatures. (0 RP)
  • Monstrous Humanoid: Yuan-ti are considered to be monstrous humanoids. (3 RP)
    • Yuan-ti have the Darkvision (60 ft) trait.
  • Speed: Yuan-ti can slither at 30 ft. per round. They can also climb at 20 ft and have a +8 bonus to climb checks. (2 RP)
  • Legless: Yuan-ti have no legs, and therefore cannot be tripped. (-2 RP)
  • Hardy: Yuan-ti are hardy against their own poisonous bites, which can happen during mating rituals. They gain a +2 bonus to saving throws vs. most poisons. (3 RP)
  • Poisonous Bite: All Yuan-ti can bite for 1d3 damage. Their fangs can inject poison, usually a neurotoxin that causes paralysis. Paralytic Venom: Injury; save Fort DC 10 + the 1/2 user’s Hit Dice + the user’s Constitution modifier; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Dex; cure 1 save. The poison can be modified with certain feats. (3 RP)
  • Claws: Yuan-ti receive two claw attacks. These are primary natural attacks. The damage is based on their size. (2 RP)
  • Battle Hardened: Yuan-ti are constantly on alert for Lizardfolk raids and continually skirmish with them so gain a +1 CMD. (4 RP)
  • Languages: Yuan-ti can speak draconic and Common). Yuan-ti with higher intelligence can learn orc, elvish, and Sylvan. (0 RP)

Alternate Racial Traits

  • Frightful Gaze: Yuan-ti gain the following supernatural ability: Creatures within 30 feet of a member of this race that meet its gaze must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC 10 + the 1/2 user’s character level + the user’s Charisma modifier) or stand paralyzed in fear for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. A target that successfully saves cannot be affected by the user’s frightful gaze for 24 hours. (6 RP)
  • Poison Use: Some naga are skilled with poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves when applying it to weapons. This replaces the Poisonous bite (which becomes a standard bite) trait.
  • Slapping Tail: The yuan-ti have a tail they can use to make attacks of opportunity with a reach of 5 feet. The tail is a natural attack that deals 1d8 points of damage plus the yuan-ti’s Strength modifier. This replaces the battle hardened or poisonous bite trait.
  • Prehensile Tail: Members of this race have a long, flexible tail that can be used to carry objects. They cannot wield weapons with their tails, but they can retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This replaces the poisonous bite trait.
  • Tripping Tail: Yuan-ti can hit with their slapping tails, so they can choose make a trip attack as a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. (3 RP)


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Yesterday, I worked on my Family History. I was researching my Great Uncle Harold Lloyd. I accepted some hints from, found a photo of his plaque and the entrance to the cemetery. Recorded the research notes in OneNote, it worked very well, I was even able to save a screen shot from the find-a-grave index.

My research included the SS death index, 1940 federal census, SS applications and claims, etc. I didn’t find a lot of information, but every little bit helps; although I need to find a picture of him.