Figure of the Week: Jozan, Cleric of Pelor

This is the original metal version of the D & D Jozan, Cleric of Pelor. I played him as a fighter/cleric in the Sunless Citadel campaign. He is a human male cleric wearing scale mail with a buckler and bladed mace. The base is flocked.


Figure of the Week: Lord Soth


This is a vintage Ral Partha figure of Lord Soth from the Ravenloft campaign setting. He is wearing full plate mail with a plumed helm and cloak.

I painted him with traditional coloring, I tarnished him some to look battle-damaged and my husband flocked his base. When I find his mounted rider figure I will add it here.

Figure of the Week: Hoplite Warrior

This weeks figure is a fighter in hoplite style armor. It is human male wearing a breastplate over a chain shirt, feathered Corinthian helm, brigantine-like kilt, short sword, shield and wielding a short spear. It is an interesting figure, although not from a specific time period as the components don’t go together.

Not sure of the maker, I’m still researching the figure.

Figure of the Week: Elladon of Silveroak


This is the Reaper: Dark Heaven Legends figure, Elladan of Silveroak. It is a male elf, wearing a cloak, surcoat, and chain mail; wielding a small shield and longsword.

​I was in the mood for blues and whites the day I painted this. Here is the link to the figure: Elladan

Figure of the Week: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer


This week I’m focusing on: Amberlynn, Dragon Slayer is a human female, wearing a chain shirt, breastplate, small helm and grieves; wielding a sword and shield. Flocked.

​It took me quite a while to find the correct information on this figure, I finally had to resort to the Reaper Forum: miniature finder. A person there was able to tell me that she is a figure from Iron Wind Metals.