Figure of the Week: Owlbear

This is a Reaper Owlbear figure. I based his coloring on a spotted owl. He has no weapons besides his natural ones. I had fun painting him.

Here are the Pathfinder stats for an Owlbear.

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Figure of the Week: Human Mage

This could be any type of divine or arcane magic user. I was in the mood to paint blues and greens and decided to streak his hair. He is wearing a robe and cloak, wielding no weapons and wearing no armor. I am still searching for the manufacturer.

I am selling this figure on Etsy, here is the link.

Figure of the Day: Orc Chieftain

This figure is a male orc (troll or half-troll), wearing scale mail, an eye patch, pauldrons, spiked knee guards (poleyn), bracers and wielding two war-axes

He might have fiendish or troll blood, because of his horns. I can’t find him online and don’t remember where I got him. He was fun to paint and a very detailed figure.