New Year 2017


Happy New Year!! A little late this morning, but got sidetracked by household chores. There are many things I want to get done this year (or at least a start on). Some of the main ones are:

  • improving my garden/edible food forest
  • building an entertainment/grilling area
  • constructing a personal retreat building
  • improving out preparedness in all areas
  • better organizing the house
  • improving physical fitness

This is quite a few things to work on, but I can make plans or at least start on these projects. Below are a few files that will help me this year.




preparedness baby stepsweeklypurchasingplan_origPreppers-University-January-To-Do (will download when you click link)








Habits and Principles of Preparedness

Today’s subject is preparedness. How to build the habit and guidelines on how to become more prepared. While surfing the internet I found the articles below:

The Habit of Preparedness



10 Principles of Preparedness


List of Important Documents


I’m not an expert on these subjects in any way, I’m just learning as I go.

Weekly Happenings


I’ve had an interesting weekend.

     On Feb 3, I was in contact with a member of the Charleston Wilderness Survival/Preppers Meetup Group. He was offering free firewood, I just had to come pick it up in West Ashley. I was very happy to improve my wood pile. (I don’t have a fireplace, but do have a grill/fire pit).
On Saturday, I drove to West Ashley, and had to take some detours because of road work, but I finally arrived. I started loading myself, because he didn’t answer the doorbell. After loading about 8 pieces, he came out and helped me finish loading. Partway through loading my SUV, I realized, I would only be able to fit a little more than 1/4 of his pile. I was told that as long as the pile was there that I could come get more. He was very nice older gentlemen.
When I arrived home, I roped my son into helping me stack the wood. I had to create two more piles to get it all organized. Sunday, I’ll have to keep stacking. There is more wood in my brush pile that needs to be cut and stacked as well, but I need to find the bar and chain oil for my chainsaw first.
While relaxing Saturday night after an exhausting day, I was researching a dome structure that I want to build as a personal space in my back yard. At first I wanted to build an octagonal gazebo-like one, but after researching plans, I realized that it would be easier to make an adobe-filled long-earthbag dome. My problem will be getting the materials and tools to complete the project. I might end up building a platform to put a temporary yurt until I can locate supplies.
While searching for suppliers of earthbags, I discovered the One Community Global website. The are building Intentional Communities by merging permacultural ideas, natural buildings (monolithic domes, earth bag buildings, and others) and many other ideas with a self-sufficient and green culture included (solar and wind energy, composting, gardening, communal living).
It is a very interesting concept but is on the West Coast, so I could only join as a Satellite Member. I started filling out the membership form (and it is very detailed, I’m guessing so that they can judge your determination, it’s going to take me a while to fill out the essay portion). Below is a link to their site. One Community Global.

Weekend News


On Saturday I went to a Meetup that met at the Gun and Knife Show in the Ladson Fairgrounds. We talked outside first then walked around. Three of the guys were very knowledgeable about guns and knives.

We split up in pairs and explored the offerings. They explained what are the good points of the guns, which were better for home defense, hunting or personal protection.
I haven’t decided on which I’m going to buy first, and need to go to the range to get more accurate with a handgun. I’m good with a rifle.
Saturday and Sunday, I’ve been doing a lot of yard work. Trimming the hedge, cleaning out old plants in the raised beds, rearranging the greenhouse and shed; deciding what/where to plant next years crops.