Boil bags

I was recently shopping at Target when I found a new type of ziplock-like bag. They can be used for the freezer, fridge, microwave, oven, and sou vie. I bought one each of 36 and 50 oz.

I am going to test them out on my next camping trip for rehydrating dehydrated meals. They should have no problem with holding boiling water. Definitely no problem with cold soaking.

I wasn’t able to use it on my camping trip. When I got home, I made some ramen in it instead. It worked well except that the dried vegetables stuck to the sides like with static cling and it was hard to get out as the ziplock created a ledge for it to catch on. The noodles turned out perfectly, although they were precooked.

50 oz

Wand & Porter Designs makes a variety of these types of bags. Some are for cooking, while others are just for storage.

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