Habits and Principles of Preparedness

Today’s subject is preparedness. How to build the habit and guidelines on how to become more prepared. While surfing the internet I found the articles below:

The Habit of Preparedness



10 Principles of Preparedness


List of Important Documents


I’m not an expert on these subjects in any way, I’m just learning as I go.


Banana Day

2/20/2017 [weebly blog transfer.

I went to Aldi’s last Friday and found a great deal on bananas. They were .22/lb. so I bought 10 bags. I sliced most of them on the mandolin and dehydrated them into banana chips. The rest were frozen for banana bread or eaten. Pictures are below.

If I would have had more space and time, I would have bought more. After the big flood here last year, I found a similar deal on onions. My family was mad at me afterwards, they claimed that I maced them because of the smell.