Fall Back Hang on Chimney Island, SC

A little late this morning, because I’m getting ready for a SSI hearing and for the MACE convention in Charlotte, NC this weekend.

I had fun this weekend. I joined the Palmetto State Hangers camping on Chimney Island on Lake Marion this weekend. It took me an hour for the drive, I paid for overnight parking at Harry’s Fish Camp, then was shuttled by boat to the island.

There were only a few people Friday night, but more showed up on Saturday. A couple stayed in tents instead of hammocks, some only stayed for the day or got a room for the night, a few kayakers even popped in to say hi.

Our host drove us around in the boat on a tour. We went to a few islands in the area including: Henderson, Church and a few others. I found some gravestones of possible revolutionary era relatives. There are pictures below in the slideshow.

I learned a few new things about hanging, and saw some new products. Many of the group actually made their own gear.We even had a mascot, a young German Shepherd, named Mina. She was very energetic and friendly.

The two things that I tested out were:

  • the One Tigris under-quilt that I bought for my birthday. It didn’t go below 50 degrees at night but kept me warm, I do need to learn how to keep it centered, but it worked well.
  • UST Emergency Food Ration Bars (apple cinnamon flavor), I only ate some as a snack instead of a meal, but it did help with my appetite. The taste is ok, its like a dry biscuit, so you do need water with it. You do need something to seal it up in because they are not individually wrapped. It is only 2400 calories, so if you are active, you will need at least one for a multi-day camping trip.

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We cleaned up before we left and buried the coals from the fire. As I was packing up my care to leave, I had to dump one of my bags because a large wolf spider tried to come home with me.


Pooka’s Ramblings: New Gear

I received some new gear for my recent birthday.

They include: a Mora Classic 2

OneTigris hammock underquilt (3 season)

Hoanan H2O tactical molle water bottle carrier

These items will add to my bushcrafting kit. I already have a Kammok Roo set (including the kammok, glider rainfly, mosquito net, python straps and storm doors; I backed the kickstarter to get these as a set), a basic Bug Out Bag, but I am working on slimming it down so I can carry it easily without excess weight or items.

The Hoanan H2o water pouch will be my EDC that I will carry when I don’t have my BOB. It will be a basic kit. When I complete it, I will post the inventory. After I use the above items on a trip, I will post reviews of them.

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Weekend Campout

Friday afternoon I went to a friends house for the weekend. He lives next to the Edisto River Preserve. Below is an overview of what we did.

  • Friday: Setup.
    • I hung my Kammok Roo double nest hammock, mosquito net and rain-fly. The trees were a little too far apart so my rain-fly was a little too low.
    • We watched Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Saturday: We floated down the river in inner tubes. It took us between 4-5 hours to float from the landing upriver to our landing. The person in front was in a kayak and he guided us around snags in the river. I was caught on one for a little until I got untangled from the branch. I had a fun time except burning my knees.
    • We fired shotguns and pistols on his range. I’m getting better but I need more practice.
    • We watched Tucker and Dale vs Evil. It was an interesting show. A B-rated horror show with funny parts.
  • Sunday: Take-down.
    • We left early because our host had business to take care of.

It was a relaxing weekend, although it was still hot and muggy. I tested two different stoves while cooking my food. The pics are below.

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This weekend I’m testing out the Esbit and Lixada folding stoves. First, I tested the Esbit with fuel cubes and the Alpine stowaway pot. The first cube did not last as long as was listed on the box, it only lasted 4 minutes instead of the 8 minutes and did not bring the water to a boil in that time.

Next, I tested the Lixada stove with the same pot and some small branches. This stove is much sturdier, is easy to set up and has a small footprint.

Overall, I liked the Lixada Folding Stove the best. They both can use multiple fuel types and various pot.

Here are pics of the Edisto river tubing run.

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Alternate Fish Cleaning

I just saw a video on Facebook. It showed an alternative way to clean a fish without cutting the abdomen open.

The man demonstrating this is from Brazil. He uses 4+ bamboo skewers. Puts them in through the mouth on either side of the cavity. Spins them around, holds them together and pulls everything out.

Most of the guts come out at one time if done correctly. Ingenious. I wonder how much practice it took to get the skill down.

Here the video link.