Sunda Hammock Tent

I received my new Kammok Sunda 2.0 tent from Kickstarter last year. First I set it up on the ground, to learn how to set it up, then I hung it up between some trees. It is very tippy unless you set up extra guy lines especially if its windy.

It is very comfortable. I had no problem with the cold in November with my 30 degree sleeping bag and under quilt. It also kept me dry in the rain.

The only thing that I had a problem with was my fault. If you open the windows on either end, make sure the bug net is zipped up all the way or you will get mosquitos inside.

I just watched a YouTube video with a Vietnam era jungle hammock. The Sunda looks like it used a similar design, but added some improvements.

This is a nice tent if a little heavy for backpacking. I am going camping on the 27th, and will be bringing this tent. We will be hiking in on the Swamp Fox Trail in Francis Marion National Park, camping overnight and then hiking out.

I’m working on lightening my load, we need to bring our own water as this is a dry site. Most of my food will be dehydrated or precooked. Currently, I’m deciding on if I will be using an alcohol, twig or solid fuel for my firebox titanium nano stove.

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